Staff shortages at St. Peter's Accident and Emergency


BBC News has done some great research and reporting on staff shortages at the Accident and Emergency Departments up and down the country.

I’ve posted the full list on my other Blog;


Here’s our local league table. Am I alone in thinking that the number of unfilled vacancies reflect the unhappiness staff feel at working in a hospital’s A and E, the quality of life staff have and ultimately the quality of care patients receive?

This league table of shame is in reverse order;


                                  A and E staff    % short    Vacancies

13th Worst      

Ashford and St Peters               97        -17%        -16


23rd worst

Heatherwood and

Wexham Park                         136         -12%         -17


34th Worst

West Middlesex                        92        -10%           -9


53rd Worst

Royal Surrey                              87          -8%           -7


90th Worst

Epsom and St. Helier             182         +2%


100th Worst

(out of 101!)

Frimley Park                           122          +9%

If you were to ask people locally to rank their hospital trusts, you would get a league table fairly similar to this.

If you were to work out quality of treatment/outcomes, I would guess it would be fairly similar to this too.

So, although my headline slogan is still for 10 consultants at St. Peter’s A and E, that’s not enough – we actually need 17 more staff and counting!


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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