Monday, 11 December 2017

Grumpy Neil getting patched up.

I had another grim day - this is getting boring. Lots of pain and ne pains too. On the other hand, it is possible it may be my fault again, which probably doesn't come as any surprise.

I was due to change my morphine patch at 0630 this morning, which is when I put it on last week. You are supposed to do it at the same time every week. Well, I put it off for a while (four hours) because the timing didn't suit me and I want to move it round gradually to the evening.

Anyway it was a really painful day and that may be due to hanging back four hours or it may just be that the slow release patches are very inefficient.

When I did get it on I could feel the effect almost immediately - a buzzing feeling as well as a strange feeling in my mouth and tongue. But the funny thing is that the patches take about a couple of days to get in their stride, which means that these feelings may well be purely psychological rather than genuine. Drugs are a very funny thing.

Meanwhile, Christmas just hasn't got sorted. We've (Robyn) has done the cards and they've gone out but no shopping's been done, no presents....nothing.

It's also a bit bleak at the moment - the sow has melted but it's bitterly cold and miserable. I'm trapped in my chair, moaning and grumpy and dreaming of doing exotic things that are never going to happen.

I'll get over it.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Snowed in!

It snowed - we got up and the rooves were white, the road covered, all the branches picked out in white dust.....beautiful. Of course it meant I was snowbound, not that it takes much to keep me indoors these days. But Robyn also didn't go out. Then it snowed again, so when we went to bed there was still snow lying which is unusual here.

I had another rough day, which seems quite common again. Not that I had any plans but this week I need to get out - to the Doctors amongst other things. So I'm hoping it improves for me.

We also need to start sorting out Christmas but that's another story.

Neil Harris
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