Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Doctor is in!

I arrived at the Milford Arms at 6:30 to make sure I could get a good seat. At first it was pleasant enough. I ordered a veggie burger to pass the time and unfortunately was gives the wrong one - I hate portabella mushrooms! But the burger was smothered in sauce and arugula so I wolfed it down before out could hit my taste buds.

Then people started arriving; first another early bird who also comes early to get a seat and dinner. Then more of the regulars and the band start to trickle in.

All of a sudden it was as if I were in a time warp. I kept looking at the door looking for someone. I thought I saw his car go by. The mind is a terrible thing! Tears started to fall and I tried to be inconspicuous but by time matchmaker Martin arrived I was sobbing. Even though he never came to this pub for jazz I still expected Neil to be there. Especially last night of all nights.

Firstly it's a quartet, Neil loved a quartet! But most of all because the Dr was in last night. Art Theman the bebop sax man. He was Neil's favourite saxophonist and I think Neil was very impressed by the fact that besides being an accomplished saxophone player Art Theman was an orthopaedic surgeon for years.

When Art "The Man" arrived I went up to him right away and asked to buy him a drink. I told him about Neil and he asked to see his picture."I know him!" he said. He asked if he went deep sea diving - not my Neil, he hated swimming!

It was a great night, in addition to the doctor there was my favourite bass player Dave Green, the great John Horler on keys and of course professor Trevor Tomkins on drums as always. The music was great too! They played a couple of Dexter Gordon tunes and an amazing original piece of John Horler's called "Round in Three" and Art Theman told jokes between songs. They even went on past 11 which is always a treat.

So despite my breakdown at the start of the evening it turned out to be a good night. Good friends, great tunes and a nice pub. If you're ever in Isleworth on a Monday you should come to the Milford Arms and check it out.

Neil's write ups of Art Theman:




Saturday, 24 March 2018

Funeral Announcements

All are welcome!
I am asking everyone to either wear a red accessory (tie, scarf, pin, etc.) or a hat. For directions to Mortlake Crematorium please click on the link. http://www.mortlakecrematorium.org/directions/

Following the service there will be a wake at The Ship pub which is just a five minute walk (along the river walkway) or drive away. Again all are welcome but please comment on this post if you have not already contacted me (Robyn) that you will be attending the wake. I need a headcount to know how much food will be needed at the pub. The funeral car will go to the pub from the crematorium so if you are driving you can follow, if you will not be attending the crematorium please click on the link below for directions to the pub. The pub is about two city blocks from the Mortlake train station and one city block from TFL bus route 419 (Ship Lane/Stag Brewery).

In lieu of flowers please donate money to The New Worker Newspaper at:

P.O.Box 73
SW11 2PQ