Saturday, 16 March 2013

Merger Mania Two.


So, what I needed was a few stat-geeks and I’ve found some rather impressive ones;

Martin Gaynor, Mauro Laudicella and Carol Propper.

These three good guys have done a very important study into the result of merging Hospitals, which is what most politicians and civil servants always want to do to save money. But up till now, no one has actually cared whether it was a good idea or not.

Here’s the details of the study, its pretty good. While I am reviewing it, I’m using their stuff, so please credit  them and why don’t you take a look at the original? It must have been a lot of hard work. I’m having dongle problems, when I have the link, I’ll link.

Over the next week I will have divided it up into the important parts – and put it into bite sized chunks – so bear with me.

Why has there been such an echoing silence about this report, when it came out over a year ago?

And this is where they come from;

“The Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) is a leading research centre, combining expertise in economics, geography and law. Our objective is to study the intersection between the public and private sectors of the economy, and in particular to understand the right way to organise and deliver public services. The Centre aims to develop research, contribute to the public debate and inform policy-making.”



Bristol Institute of Public Affairs

Bristol University.

Working paper 12/281

Can governments do it better?

Merger mania and hospital outcomes in the English NHS.

January 2012.



Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

Oh, and if you pay attention at the back, I may post another really bad poem!

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