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          STOP PRESS!

I’ve got a stack of entries, written and ready to Blog but things keep happening to get in the way.

The British Medical Journal has done some important work – shortly, ‘buying’ healthcare for NHS patients is going to be the job of G.P’s Commissioning Groups, as if this were actually some kind of a market.

Except that, according to the BMJ, 36% of those G.P’s running the groups have directly conflicting commercial interests – that is, they run companies or businesses supplying healthcare services or products – like out of hours Doctors services.

They aren’t allowed to vote on decisions to purchase their services or goods, but they can speak during the debates and are there to influence the others.

C.O.R.R.U.P.T. spells corrupt in my book.

It also creates two tiers of Doctors.

Rich and poor.


Meanwhile, the health secretary has outlawed the ‘gagging order’ – where whistle-blowers get fired but paid off, part of the deal being that they aren’t allowed to comment on the reason they blew the whistle, or they lose the payoff.

This has cost over £14 million in the last couple of years, in deals we know about. I bet it’s much, much more.

Actually I think most whistle-blowers probably want the pay off and the gag by the time they’ve been through the mill.

Also, I don’t think he has ‘outlawed’ anything, just won’t agree the payments. That doesn’t mean there won’t be disguised payments.


Easy, peasy.

We need whistle-blowers and they need our protection.

So, Royal College of Nursing and British Medical Association – we need you to set up;


A confidential web site for Doctors and Nurses to report breaches of standards and bad practises, confident that their own professional associations will protect their identities. At the same time, those bodies can then take action to change things, in ways mere patients never can.

Meanwhile until  WIKI-MED gets off the ground;



On this Blog there are no Finks, Grasses, Stool pigeons or informers.

If you get in touch, your secrets are safe with me.

Hush, hush.

On the quiet.


What can you do?

If you are a Patient; I need case studies of problems with A and E to force the Care Quality Commission to start an investigation.

E-mail me direct.

If you are employed by the Trust;

It’s time to blow the whistle on A and E.

E-mail me direct – privacy guaranteed.

Or you can Post an anonymous comment.

Anybody Else;

read, share, publicise this blog.


Meanwhile, I promised a series of articles on the economics of merging hospitals – they are coming, have no fear.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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