Tuesday, 12 March 2013

R n' B for the Mod generation

It’s long past midnight Monday and I’m sat here writing this ready to post tomorrow morning because by then I’ll be too tired to do anything. It was a freezing cold bitter all day kind of day, wisps of snow and a biting wind. Felt fairly grim, couldn’t do much.

So, what did I do? I had a chance to escape and I took it – break for the border! I went out!

Made it up to The Red Lion, driving to Isleworth, the car rocking in the wind. The weather was so bad it was half empty and the pianist was snowed in down in Kent. Mind you it meant I got a seat and I really needed one.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, I probably would have crawled there. Live music is like a 6 pint blood transfusion.

Thelonious Monk’s ‘Hackensack’ came early on, setting the scene. Arrainged by Oscar Peterson and available, we were told, on YouTube played by Stan (whatever he wants he…) Getz glaring out at John Coltrane. I’ll check that out next time I can steal some wi-fi and I’ll link it here if Dave O’Higgins is right about how good it is. Mind you, he was pretty darn good on Sax himself tonight and there was no glaring.

We had Mika’s dream by Horace Silver and Chi Chi by Charlie Parker. Hard and fast, it was Bebop night all night long, apart from a couple of slow standards including ‘It ain’t necessarily so’. Long, languid saxophone, dreamy flugelhorn (from Henry Amberg-Jennings, also on trumpet).

Andrew Clyndert on bass, Trevor Tomkins drums and on keyboards a bluesy Ross Stanley, were so good in the quiet, disciplined rythym sections where you could almost hear a pin drop (well I could hear the fish tank burbling anyway). I think it would be what those quaint young folk call rhythym n’ bass, just a little bit quieter. R n’ B for the Mod generation.  

Overall, it was a young band, revelling in the best of Bop.

And Barry (trilby hat and shades, 11pm indoors) was having a pretty good night too. You had to be there.

I drove back late at night, through an almost deserted West London, once again dodging police cars. With The James Taylor Quartet, that’s the one that’s heavy on the Hammond organ, 1960’s Jazz and Funk, taking me home, on the stereo. Definitely Mod night.

How cool does that get?

How great a night can you have?

How lucky am I?

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till  you drop production)

P.S. I just go for the Jazz nights, but I’m looking at Saturday 6/4/13 on the programme;

“ ‘The Wessex Pistols’; All the punk hits and more – Hillbilly style.”

Who could resist that combination?

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