Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New kid on the blog.

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve started up a new Blog.

Help me sort out the NHS!

I haven’t worked out what I’m going to do with it yet although I do post articles. At the moment it’s quite a serious site. I’m a bit lost with it and I’m going to need some help to get it right.

For starters, I did it to save the name for when I’ve sorted out St.Peter’s A and E – which shouldn’t be too long now (if I’m lucky). Mind you, I’ll have to go on keeping an eye on them.

I’ve realised that now I don’t have the ability to fight like I used to, there are other ways of fighting. I was thinking about Woody Guthrie, who had a sign on his guitar; “This machine kills fascists”.

I was also puzzling, as I did at the start of it all, how I could use the Punk Fanzine (something I actually understood) as the model for my campaign. No one else on the net is old enough or stubborn enough to be still doing that. I mean the ideals, not the style – that’s dated now.

And I really enjoyed Blogging.

Above all else, it was discovering how frightened everybody was. The Doctors and Consultants too frightened to speak out for fear of losing their careers. Nurses and Care Assistants intimidated. Patients too scared to complain – there are a lot of those.

That’s no good. Fear is no good. It’s no way to live and it’s no way to run a hospital.

I wasn’t frightened – I had nothing to lose.

So, the why is still good, it’s the how I’m not sure of.

I’ve written a series of Blogs to set out the questions. Please feel free to lend a hand with the answers.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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