Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Three Grand.

3000 !

Thanks. That's three thousand smiles

When I started I put up the page view counter when it hit 20 – I thought that wasn’t bad. 40 seemed great.

3000 is wonderful and things changed because of you all.

‘Popular Posts’ Fwhich you can find on the right, is something I can’t fix – it’s down to how many times you look at Blogs. I admit I do try to influence it – I can alter how many popular posts are displayed (3,4,7,9 whatever), but I can’t choose what goes in there and the order is all down to you.

I’m secretly really pleased that ‘The Ankle Rankle’ has made it even though it’s a bit childish.

The 13th of the 13th leapt up there in little over a week, which amazed me. It was one of those days – make or break; unfortunately I always knew it was going to be break. Luckily, there has still been time for a quick dance on the edge of the volcano. ‘The Red Lion Blues’ is the follow up Blog.

‘A moments reflection’, was something I never gave much thought to, right at the start of my Blog, but it made an important point – if the NHS isn’t about the people who work for it, it is nothing. And yes, I do know she worked for a private hospital, but it’s all one profession and usually people who work in private hospitals also work for the NHS. The inquest into her death still hasn’t taken place – come on, please.

‘My Leaflet’ is out of date – my ankle was due to an incompetent consultant, I was misled at the time. However, it’s how this all started and I’m proud of it. Getting my head straight and actually writing it was a big step at the time.

‘S@#k on it’, has a history of what happened. It’s a little bit defiant too, I like that.

There’s even an untitled Blog – I think it was the third or fourth  entry I made and I still hadn’t realised then that you had to type a title into the box to get one – duuurgh?!

Many of the ‘Popular Posts’ have clocked up more views than my whole Blog did for quite a long time.

Thanks to all of you, especially the few who stuck with me through everything. It’s ironic looking back, that when I started this Blog in December it was just as my health started to go wrong, but starting it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Of course, I’ll keep this going as long as I can and I’m still hoping that my glasses will steam up from laughing a few more times yet. (‘The Red Lion Blues’)


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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