Wednesday, 22 May 2013

United we stand, divided we fall.

What a day!

My copy of Uniteworks! – the magazine for members of ‘Unite the Union’ – came this morning and they published my letter with its plug for this Blog.

This is no small thing, it used to be called the Transport and General Workers Union, has a growing number of health service workers in its ranks and has been vocal in fighting for equal rights and against discrimination. Amongst the different health service unions, it stands out. It is a good friend to have on your side.

It’s also my Union and I am very proud to be a member.

Here’s the letter they published;

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last year when I went to St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey with a broken ankle they sent me home for a week with treatment for a sprain.

Unfortunately when I went back for my appointment I found that it was a dislocated fracture and it had become an emergency. I was at risk of losing my leg and needed two operations over six days in hospital.

I was determined that this shouldn’t happen again, while at the same time being a Trades Unionist I didn’t want a witch hunt against the staff.

I launched my campaign to improve the hospital and to challenge the cuts and privatisations that threaten our NHS.

I would welcome any support and solidarity my fellow trades unionists can give; whether patients or staff in the NHS.

Check out my Blog;

Fraternally yours,

Neil Harris

Since I wrote that letter I’ve expanded! Check out my new Blog full of facts and analysis:

Thank you, Brothers and Sisters.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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