Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Channel 4 it happened.



Just now, on Channel 4 news, I watched the growing scandal over the Care Quality Commission and it’s cover up over the deaths at Furness General Hospital.

There was a film of a courageous and angry whistleblower Kay Sheldon, who was on the board of state regulator (CQC) of the NHS, saying; ‘I have been subject to the most appalling treatment.’

The Morecombe University Hospital Trust was investigated by the CQC, given a clean report and then became the trust with the highest mortality rate in the country. When this blew up, managers at the CQC demanded that their own report was destroyed, so that the CQC failure would not be publicised.

Jeremy Hunt the Health secretary; ‘they failed in their duty’.

Now we have a couple of names, but not all;

Cynthia Bower the former Chief Executive left last year with a £1.3 million pension pot.

Dame Jo Williams, resigned.


David Prior who is now chair of the Care Quality Commission appeared on the programme saying that after the CQC employed a private consultant to go through what happened, they sought legal advice which told them that they could publish the report but not name those responsible – for fear of being sued.


‘We didn’t want them to have anonymity, the most important thing was to get the report published’.


Jon Snow was questioning him – these bullies, how many still work for cqc?

a) none.

Q) How many are still in the health service?

a)  I am pretty sure they are not, 99 % sure

Prior went on to admit; ‘Bad things happened, there was a poisonous relationship on the board’.

Snow; ‘They left patients vulnerable and unprotected?’ a) ‘I know’.


This is a real disgrace – we have to make sure it doesn’t go away, that the guilty people are named and never work in the public sector again.

People…..children died.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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