Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tak, Tak, Tak.


I took the motorway up to town instead of the normal route – looking for route one, maybe. What I got was a long traffic jam and no exit. Gulp.

When I got to my Jazz club at The Red Lion, Isleworth, I found that the grapevine had told everyone it was going to be a quiet night – the last few weeks were packed. They were right.

Trevor Tomkins took the chance to push his drums out to the front for a change. There was a lot of Wayne Shorter and a couple of Dick Pearce (Trumpet) compositions;‘Fast track’ and ‘Airships in a cloud’.

For me the highlight was ‘my one and only love’ and Pearce was left at the bar for this one. There were some long solo’s from Pete Hurt on Sax but the stars were the trio of John Donaldson on keyboards, Steve Watts Bass and TT on the brushes and split sticks. Very sparse, very precise. Tak, Tak, Tak.

Otherwise, there was an encore ‘a short blues’, which sounded like Monk to me, and that was pretty good.

Neil Harris

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