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I think I've worked it out.

Right, I think I’ve worked it out.


This is from the Ashford and St. Peter’s Foundation Trust Board Meeting the documents are dated 30th May 2013. It’s not in the same form as in the report it’s in PDF form and won’t copy directly.


The ‘SITREP’ figures don’t include the Ashford figures – Ashford cases are much easier to deal with and would normally always be dealt with in less than 4 hours – they are patients who walk in and are sent home, whereas at St. Peter’s they usually arrive by Ambulance. After my operation it’s where I was told to go to get my dressing changes, which I did twice – hardly emergency treatment.

From the report;







As Figure 2 demonstrates, the Trust failed to meet the four hour standard for waiting times in A&E during April for the purpose of the Monitor Compliance Framework.


In addition to this, the standard was not met for St. Peter’s Hospital alone and the Trust will therefore incur a financial penalty under the terms of the contract with North-West Surrey CCG.



Period          SITREP Position                                                    MONITOR Position

                    (SPH, EPU & GUM)                                                (SPH, EPU, GUM, ASH)


Quarter 1             93.61%                                                                        95.63%


Quarter 2             95.80%                                                                        97.10%


Quarter 3             93.97%                                                                        95.88%


January                90.51%                                                                        93.30%

February              88.63%                                                                         92.00%

March                   88.70%                                                                        92.11%


Quarter 4            89.29%                                                                         92.47%



2012/13Total       93.18%                                                                        95.29%


April                     90.82%                                                                         93.56%


May to date          92.5%                                                                          94.7%


Whilst 4 hour performance for quarter 1 to date is currently below the Compliance Framework standard, it remains in line with the trajectory submitted to Monitor in March 2013, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.

At this stage the Trust is still endeavouring to meet the 95% standard for quarter one as a whole, although this is a significant risk.

Further detail about 4 hour compliance from a strategy perspective is included in a separate Board paper.




On the SITREP figures (the official NHS figures), they missed the 4 hour target in 3 of the four quarters last year, as well as every month this year, that’s far worse than last year.


‘Monitor’, is a fairly toothless state regulator for the Foundation Trusts, it seems to allow the Trust to water down the waiting times using Ashford’s ‘Walk-in’ waiting times, so those figures look better – how can they be?


Even on those dodgy figures they missed the target Quarter 4 and also missed the target in the first two months in the first quarter of this year.


That’s a foul in my book – Ref?


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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