Friday, 21 June 2013


I’ve been celebrating the longest day of the year – the summer solstice and this is how, my first ever fruit beer;

This is ‘Tesco’s Finest Belgian Kriek Bier’ which is described as;

 ‘Cherry bomb of a fruit beer pours a frothy light pink with a complex almond aroma and a rich cherry finish. A classic lambic style produced by the Van Honsebrouck brewery in Ingelmunster, Belgium’.

A bit sweet for my taste – I notice they use a sweetener which is probably not a great idea, with a very powerful cherry flavour I hadn’t expected, as a result it was a bit like an alcopop.

But I have to admit it was a sparkling, refreshing glassful of happiness at the end of a difficult and tough day. And it was only £1.

I wouldn’t want more than one at a time, whereas whenever I’ve been in Belgium drinking beer that was never a problem. Mind you I never tried a fruit beer before and I’d been expecting something more like a wheat beer.

Next time a ‘Kwak’, I think, if I can find one. That really is paradise.

I’ve even got the proper glass for that – ever seen one? You are in for a surprise.
Happy solstice.

Neil Harris

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