Monday, 3 June 2013

News Roundup.



This is advance warning – on Wednesday I’m posting an exclusive story on how the NHS can save £45 million a year while handing out an extra £45 million a year to its nurses. That’s at no cost to the taxpayer either.

Pretty good Huh?

It’s all my own work, it’s all legitimate and tax free.

So check that out on Wednesday on my new Blog (that’s the one that no one reads except me) over on:

It won’t be here cos it’s over there.


Remember “Give us back our Banksy” – I posted a Blog back at the end of February after a Banksy that belonged to all of us had been chisled off a wall and ended up in an auction in Florida – have a look.

 Well, it wasn’t just me angry – there was such an uproar it got taken out of the sale and sent back here.

But, it’s still not back in North East London where it belongs. It’s for sale again and according to reports they have a US buyer but are trying to get more - £900,000.

It may be that the wall belonged to someone, the paint on it belonged to us. That makes it stolen goods I think, time to take it back for good.




It is fair to say that my campaigning has gone a bit quiet on the St. Peter’s front recently. I thought that was all sorted – but it doesn’t seem to be.

It seems as though I’m going to have to take a closer look at the books, check out some big fat salaries, run my calculator over some wrongdoing….. and stick it all up here.

Do you get my meaning?

Or shall we just make it easier on ourselves and get those consultants hired and the names up on the wall.

There’s the easy way or the hard way. And you know, I’ve grown to quite like it the hard way.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop until you drop production)

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