Friday, 20 February 2015

32000 Thanx from Seaford.

Having wasted Tuesday at Hospital we were determined to go out on Wednesday and the nice weather lasted for us....just.

We got up late and made a picnic to take from the easiest things to hand....I boiled up pasta and threw in one of my tomatoey, garlicky, oniony sauces from the freezer. Then Robyn made 'Angel Delight'.

Hey, we're on holiday!

We went to the seaside - to Seaford just next to Newhaven and Brighton. It's like Brighton before it became Brighton. It's got the same beach;

It's got the same sea;

But it's just a little town by the sea;

But it has it's very own white, chalk cliffs and even a sea stack;

This is the chalk close up - if you have a microsope it's easy to see that the chalk is made up of billions of skeletons of microscopic algae that swam in a warm sea millions of years ago. We get algal blooms every summer around Britain that you can see on satellite photos.

But here you can see the layers of flint - the dark rocks in rows amongst the chalk;

No one knows what made these hard, glassy stones that turn up in regular layers. It means that there were distinct geological periods when something was laid down and then squeezed together by the algal remains. Who knows? 

Here's a long distance view of the cliff and in front of it is a very well preserved 'Martello Tower'. This is one of a long line of forts built to protect against a sea borne invasion by Napoleon's army. This one is also a museum but it wasn't open when we were there. There's a period cannon on the roof;


I've no idea who wrote this message in chalk; 

But a number of today's photo's were taken by my Art Director; Robyn G. May;

It was cold but really bright - a fabulous blue sky and at Seaford you can park on the seafront for free.
On the way back we stopped at a little café by the tower and ate delicious 'bread Pudding' which (weirdly) is both a very old fashioned English pudding and is also 'Soulfood'!
Who would have thought that?
A good day.
Then, getting increasingly desperate I ended up injecting my self in the car on the seafront at Eastbourne.
They won't like that!
Oh and thank you all for taking us to 32000 hits.
It's appreciated.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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