Monday, 2 February 2015

Groovers in the house: Groove Manoova at brave New World, Surbiton.

Saturday morning spent clearing our drains.....Saturday night was for Groovin'.

We struggled over to Surbiton to hear 'Groove Manoova' who are;

Shelley Stevens/Mark Williams - Vocals, Alan March - Lead Guitar, Shane McWilliams - Bass, Dave Le Vay - Keys, Dave Marshall - Drums, Loz Lee - Sax & Flute, Tom Beeching - Trumpet, Bog - Percussion.

I couldn't believe that the last time I saw them was February 2014; this is a band that doesn't get enough bookings.

They play Funk with a tinge of soul and we caught them at 'Brave New World' in Surbiton. It's a fairly expensive wine bar and not an ideal venue to see a 9 piece band (although on Saturday we were missing a percussionist - I certainly missed his Conga). It was packed.

I got photos of the vocalists but couldn't do justice to the rest of the band because we were right up at the front - but they are a fine bunch of musicians.

I think they have another booking in Kingston in April - check them out on www.Lemonrock

Neil Harris
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