Friday, 27 February 2015

Feeling waspish.

Spring is definitely busting out even if I'm not; I went out to pay my credit card bill.

I'm late - I couldn't pick up my mail until I could drive. Well, I've been driving despite a couple of cracked ribs, but only to take my partner to the bus and back. I've been leaving a stream of swear words trailing behind the car.

Today I drove to Barclays bank which recently did away with people, replacing them with machines.

Unfortunately, their sparkly new machines can't do the transaction I need done. Usually, they let me use the 'International and Commercial banking counter' (very grand) because there is still a human being there.


His machine was broken and I couldn't do it. I had to drive to the next town, groaning all the way.

It hurt at very corner, every gear change.

I need to change credit cards, because if I hadn't been able to do this today I would have been fined, charged interest and had my credit history messed up.

These crocuses came up weeks ago but they haven't opened their flowers much; they've been waiting for the sun to shine.

It's been beautiful today.

Neil Harris
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