Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dismaland at large!

Dismaland strikes again!

Every two years a major arms fair takes place in Docklands and today is the last day.

Some very dubious generals, police chiefs and dictators wander around inspecting the latest methods of killing their own people.

It's very profitable and it's also an instrument of British foreign policy; if we like a country we sell them arms if we don't they aren't invited.

Every time DSEI is in town there are major protests and a police crackdown because after all; 'Business is Business'

DSEI likes to be very low profile.

Then yesterday 'Advertisements' started appearing across London on the Bus Shelters;

On the Underground;

I love the subversion of 'Mayor of London; into 'Warlords of London';

I can't possibly believe that this anything to do with (Ahem!) 'Dismaland' and Banksy!

These images have come from social media world, this next part comes from the 'Dismaland' web site itself.

For the last week you have been able to download a handy card to identify the form and origin of the riot control methods used against demonstrators.

It all seemed very funny, very satirical until yesterday when the site published this;

"Today we used the guides at the non violence protest that took place in Beit Jala near by Bethlehem. It is a Christian town that Israelis confiscated most of the village town in the last 4 decades and now they are confiscating more by building a wall in the town.

Unfortunately, I could not get pictures showing soldiers with the poster because as soon as we arrived close to the soldiers they sprayed us with rubber bullets, and gaz bombs …. The ones who were carrying the posters disappeared…. It was too much gaz…. Until now, I hardly can breath :)".

And here is the photo they sent, including Banksy's cards;

There's something very powerful in all this - the subversion of 'The Man's' images and methods and the fact that the world is such a small place.
Of course, some of the weapons that are being used in Beit Jala were probably British and were probably showcased at DSEI.
Thanks Banksy.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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