Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dismaland Images.


It's hard to work out which images to leave out - a self satisfied David Cameron had to go in.

This is Ben Long's scaffold poll sculpture;

I really liked the diving killer whale;

But some people were unmoved by it.

For a while I wondered if she was part of the artwork;

These plates were spooky;

Really spooky;

Funny too;


The Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross;

I can't do this one justice with my camera; it was a drawing board and a chair surrounded by the scrumpled up paper of ideas gone wrong.

Then the drawing board suddenly came alive  - morphing into a series of all the cartoon faces you ever remembered, moving seamlessly from one to another and all set to some really great electronic music;

While this was a spinning Smiley face;

This was probably the image of the whole park....hypnotising..... a Dodgem car ridden furiously by The Grim Reaper, sparks flying from his scythe as he whirled around and all to 'Staying Alive' by The Beegees;


I don't know who painted these three pictures but each in it's own way was very moving;


Or funny;

Oh, this is the full view of the David Cameron poster;

There are still some great images to come!

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