Friday, 11 September 2015

Labor Day 2015.

Monday night was very special, so during the day I attacked the grass with a little electric strimmer, sorted out some chairs and a table and prepared to light a fire.

It's Labor day!

I'm American for a day, celebrating the end of summer.


Robyn did a special piece for this Blog last September about what Labor Day is all about - it's worth a read.

Here we are again - what a tough year it's been!

I sank down to the barbecue with a sigh of relief;

Burgers, Corn and especially Devilled Eggs - I'm learning.

The corn was fantastic, you should have seen me;

And then we sat, late into the night, drinking cider, holding hands and talking.

It's been such a tough year and such a lousy summer but we did stuff and had so much fun.....a summer full of laughter and love.
Neil Harris
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