Saturday, 12 September 2015

It is.

"It is" is a print by Juan Cruz and it's one of a small series exhibited by the wonderful Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection at Charing Cross Hospital.
Cruz is alive and well and living in London - these prints are part of a recent period when he was exploring lettering and forms.
So this one is "The urinal is not an ashtray" (I think);

So true.

I was back at hospital, seeing Dr Feelgood's henchman.

I was expecting my blood test to be bad and it was. It could have been worse though.

On the other hand, my scan was good - nothing has spread any further.

So, Dr Feelgood is winging it - no Chemo for another month.


We came out and told each other that September is going to have to be good.

September is going to have it's lapels felt, it's going to get a little slap.

September is going to  have to make a real effort......isn't it?

Then it rained again.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

And to make it worse, The Runnymede Eco Village were at the High Court and were refused leave to appeal the eviction order - they have 48 hours left.


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