Tuesday, 27 August 2013

An update on my complaint against the hospital.

I’m in a grouchy, grumbling, annoying sort of mood.

It’s a year ago that I broke and dislocated my ankle – went to St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey by ambulance and was told it was a sprain. It was plastered up (ouch!) and I was left in a wheelchair at reception and told to get a taxi home. It was a long and painful week.

So, unhappy memories for me. How am I celebrating?

I’ve been waiting for my ‘meeting’ since February. That’s the meeting I was offered to go through any remaining questions I may have – believe me I have a few.

I phoned ‘Patient Experience’ three times and then waited.

When I finally got fed up of waiting I sent this letter;

Mr Andrew Liles

Chief Executive

Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals

Guildford Road




Ref; xxxxxx

Dear Mr Liles,

You wrote to me on 13/2/13 regarding the complaint I made about how I was treated by Accident and Emergency at St. Peter’s.

In February I left two messages with the Patient Experience team answerphone, in April I spoke to someone.

Still, no one has contacted me to arrange the meeting I requested. Perhaps you could investigate this delay and provide an explanation.

Yours Faithfully,

Neil Harris


I haven’t had a reply from Mr Liles, let alone an explanation – he stopped replying to me some time ago, which is why I’m happy to publish my letter.

Mind you, all their delaying hasn’t got rid of me.

After I complained they delayed 3 months in sending me the report. I responded immediately with my criticisms– Andrew Liles  delayed until February to send me a letter fobbing me off.

Now a long six months has passed and I can’t help getting the feeling they just want me to go away.

I have now had a call from Patient Experience – they have no record of my calls but I have now got an appointment – at A and E, for my meeting with a clinician.

I’ve got a lot of questions, although I’m not looking forward to returning to where it all happened.

Someone has been giving me a bit of moral support in all this and I’ll need to have a chat with them before I go round.
I'm about a day behind with the Blog - problems and things to deal with. Normal service to be resumed tomorrow.

Neil Harris

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