Monday, 12 August 2013

Dry rivers.

These pictures were from a walk I took on Saturday. What with not being so well and the whole ‘dancing on tables’ thing, they got forgotten about.

This is the little river that runs through the village;
All dried out as you can see. And here’s the ‘splash’ – it’s an old ford, where horse drawn carts would cross the river by splashing through it at a shallow ford, in the days before the bridge was built. Nowadays it’s the village pond, only as you can see it isn’t any more;

I’ve also put in a picture from the 6th July, so that you can see what its normally like;


And here’s the cricket ground being well and truly rolled – so that it’s flat and true, but also so that the iron hard cricket ball will bounce a bit. In the spring it was all under water due to the little river flooding. 

Fine old machine, don’t you think?

These pictures are all down to the Café Nero, Egham and its generous  policy of allowing layabouts like me to use its Wi-Fi and spare my steam powered dongle from blowing a gasket.
Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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