Sunday, 18 August 2013

Not with a bang but with a wimper.

My ‘tour’ ended sooner than I thought it would. I’d like to be able to say it was because my poor old body gave out on me – that I was so wrecked I couldn’t carry on any longer. Actually it ended ‘not with a bang but with a wimper’* – I had a band lined up but then couldn’t find the venue and when I eventually got there found I couldn’t get in. Sounded pretty tame from outside.

Now I think about it that has the authentic ring of the 1970’s about it – all it needed was a fight in the street outside and it would have been like being in a time machine.

I’m not complaining, I had a lucky week.

A ‘dreaming’.

I’m not in a position where I can ever book anything in advance. No plans. So, it has to be down to luck and apart from the ‘Good old boys’, I’ve been very lucky over the last 6 weeks.



If you’ve lost a ring recently you are reading this because you saw my poster.

Send me a description of the ring to;

to get it back.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

*T.S.Eliot - The Wasteland

‘This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but with a wimper’

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