Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mr Bumble, Camberley.

Saturday night I found myself driving, lost and irritated, no map and no satnav,  miles from anywhere in Camberley of all places, looking for a pub called ‘Mr Bumble’.

Well why not?

‘Away match’ - the latest date on ‘The SkaSouls’ wild and wacky tour of Staines and a few other places like, well, Camberley.

Finally, just by luck, I found it and took myself, my second best hat, a Fred Perry, DM boots, my Ian Dury style walking stick and my poor old body out for a good old fashioned Saturday night.

Here’s a couple of rather nice ladies who insisted that I take their picture;


Then, this is when people started dancing on the tables;


And then, towards the end of the night – this is the landlady of the pub, keeping an eye on things;

Thanks Mr Bumble and The SkaSouls for a really great night. I had a fairly difficult week but it ended with a Saturday night to remember and the chance to forget some of the things I’d rather not remember.

I didn’t feel quite fit enough to take to one of the table tops myself, but I have to admit I was dancing well into the midnight hour, what more is there?

‘546 What’s my number?’, ‘One way ticket to the Moon’, ‘The Guns of Navarone’ and Gangsters (don’t call me Scarface) – that’s what more.

It also seemed to be someone called Keith’s 50th birthday party, so happy birthday Keith.

And, even though I was only wearing my second best hat, one guy complimented me on it, a pretty girl wanted to steal it and another man came up and offered to buy it off me.

Just about a perfect night, really.



Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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