Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lewisham Hospital Victory!

A flurry of spokesmen on the T.V and radio – including a highly paid man-in-a-suit from ‘The Foundation Trust network’ which I haven’t come across before. Why?

The patients, Doctors and Nurses of Lewisham Hospital won their case at the High Court; the health minister was wrong in the way he made his decision to close the A and E and maternity departments.

This was because the next door trust had been bankrupted by a Private Finance Initiative loan. That ‘can’t’ be changed, so the plan was that the bankrupt trust should take over the efficient, well-loved trust next door, to balance the books.

‘Irrational’ said the court. Don’t hold your breath, the government will appeal, the spokesmen are softening us up, at the taxpayers expense.

If the appeal fails? They will change the law and that’s why the creep from ‘The Foundation trust network’ has appeared.

Instead, we should nationalise the PFI loans and finish this exploitation off, once and for all.

This morning, spokesmen were telling us how good it is to close hospitals – this is NHS England it will be the ‘legacy’ of Sir David Nicholson. He knows a thing or two about the subject. Mid Staffordshire hospital Trust is to be broken up – departments closed, patients travelling miles, jobs lost. The debts? Transferred to the next trust.

The victims in this case the patients, are paying the price.

Meanwhile ex-nurse Tracey White, last week struck off the Nursing register due to her appalling behaviour and treatment of patients and staff at A and E at Stafford Hospital – she is now a manager at the hospital. No doubt looking forward to a nice fat redundancy cheque when it cuts back.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)  

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