Wednesday, 7 August 2013

B'dem, B'dem.

When I started this Blog, it was a very simple health campaign; I’d been taken to Accident and Emergency with a broken ankle, they decided I had sprained it and I was sent home for a week. When I went back, my dislocated fracture had become a real emergency. The story and the campaign runs through December 2012 and into May 2013 – have a look through the archive if you want to catch up. I’m still watching ’em.

Fairly soon I started to deal with wider NHS issues than my ankle, which probably only ever interested me and no one else. I started to do longer, analytical articles. Everytime I did I lost all my readers and had to struggle to get them back. As I got more ill it got harder.

So I set up a parallel Blog which I call my ‘seriously boring Blog’;

It humours me, every so often I post really long and boring articles. No pictures.
Can you stop messing about at the back of the class please?

I like to think that’s where I hide the really good stuff.

I’m researching a few things right now. This afternoon, if I’m OK, I plan a lightening raid on the internet (aided and abetted by the Café Nero and its free wi-fi) to get the stuff I need to analyse Professor Berwick’s report on patient safety in the NHS.

In a few days I’m also going to take a look at ‘The Foundation Trust Network’ which is a new, active and probably very expensive PR outfit acting on behalf of our hospitals, now that they have won a bizarre kind of status: independent of government and the taxpayers who pay the bills, independent of the patients and staff who pay in different ways when things go wrong. Free of any democratic control.

I’ve also got stuff in the far background about the relationship between MRSA infections and the privatisation of cleaning services in hospitals.

When I say it’s seriously boring.

I meant seriously boring.

Do you remember ‘The Buzzcocks’ track on ‘The Spiral Scratch’ EP, ‘Boredom’ ?

B’dem B’dem.

Check it out.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

You don’t even know what an E.P. is, do you?


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