Thursday, 5 March 2015


I don't know what it is about the internet - I'm not sure I ever believe anything I read.

To start with I may have had 32000 page views but I know I've had more; not least because when my partner takes a look on her laptop her views don't register. Blogger thinks she is me and doesn't count them. I think it's because we've shared Wi Fi before.

And what is Google+?

Since I started Blogging I've been sharing the posts publicly which is something I only do occasionally on Facebook.

Today the Google+ views reached 200,000!

I take it with a pinch of salt. There have been times when the Google computer just deducts a thousand views from my total for no reason.

So I suspect it doesn't mean a lot.

But it's nice because it's hard to get noticed in a busy world; when I started Blogging I included more serious stuff which lost me readers every time. So, I hived off the serious stuff to a new Blog which I called 'My seriously boring Blog':

I've written some stuff about the NHS, charted some of the major scandals and also tried to build up a data base to show that (contrary to whatever they tell you) socialised medical care is a good thing and privatisation doesn't work for any one except the people who are stealing a profit out of our NHS.

Last week my Seriously Boring Blog reached 3000 page views. I know they are all genuine and they mean a lot more to me than the 200,000.

Oh, and how many Blogs or Websites actually tell you how many people are watching?

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