Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Saving the Red Lion? Well, the band played on.

My ribs are still screaming when I change gear but I made it to The Red Lion, Isleworth to take in some Jazz. It was a good night - the next three Mondays will be nights to remember too.

The campaign to try to save the pub continues. If you haven't signed the petition I would urge you too do so. The link is here;


This is an independent community campaign. It doesn't have anything to do with the landlords who are currently in the process of decorating the pub and creating a better online image; to boost the sale price.

The petition is to have the pub listed as a 'community asset' which means it can't be redeveloped.

Anyway, in this picture you can see Martin Shaw playing his trumpet with a mute; I love mute trumpet and don't understand why Jazz uses it so little. I suspect that trumpet players want to be as loud as possible....less is more!

Martin Shaw played a lot of mute and it was good!

I really enjoyed a version of the standard 'Bye Bye Blackbird' which is in fact a depression era song about an alcoholic trying to quit a cheap rot gut 'whiskey' called 'Blackbird'.

Martin pulled the theme about and deconstructed it until nothing was left. Then, after a while to think about it, the band pulled it all back together again.

That's Jazz. 

Sheer genius.

This is Sam Mayne on Sax;

Behind, as ever is Trevor Tomkins on drums. Hopefully, Trevor isn't going to have to start looking for a new home for the club - it's about the best in London thanks to him.

Robin Aspland was swingin' on keyboards and Tim Wells was on bass - shining when he ganged up with Martin Shaw's trumpet for a quiet duet.

A good night - we're going to have to fight to keep them happening.

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