Sunday, 8 March 2015

Maximum R 'n B at The Ash Tree; The Serious Chord Squad.

Saturday night and we were late getting to The Ash Tree in Ashford; I've been battling McAfee and McDonalds lately - fighting two multinational corporations at once is too much.

It's all to do with Wi Fi - you don't want to know!

This is the front row of 'The Serious Chord Squad' in full voice....except that the pub seems to have been forced to fit a noise limiter by the local authority.
It's possible this isn't a suitable venue for 'No Lip'!
The SCS had problems; every so often the policeman on the wall cut out the sound, just when it was getting interesting.

This is 'Maximum R 'n B' after all, or it would be if it was given half a chance.

SCS are on face book and they are starting to get dates locally. Judging by the full house at The Ash Tree there's a bit of a following too.

Neil Harris
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