Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A last look around the market.

I love Camden - the very cobblestones of Camden Lock;

Polished smooth; first by horses hooves and steel shod cartwheels. Now by an army of tourists. And us.
There's a lot more designer gear now and the second hand stuff is a lot more classy than it used to be. But you can still pick up a record player;

I have to confess I was drawn to 'Modfather', a MOD clothes shop at the bottom of the stables. All the gear you could want and more besides.

The scooter is definitely a bit over the top for me but I did clock the cool geezer in the doorway.

This is definitely much more 'me' - understated with a very cool flame artwork.

As you can see, it's become a meeting place for men of a certain age - reliving their youth in the 1970's like me. This is mainly The Walthamstow Scooter Club, out for the day just like we were.

There's everything in Camden - here you can buy every possible item for (ouch!) body piecing;

It always seems to me that every time I come, all the stalls are different - there is a big turnover. However 'Cyberdog' has been a long term fixture - it's got loud music, dramatic lighting and some very interesting sales staff. This is the shop for clubbers and ravers - it's all fluorescent or LED stuff. So you can buy clothes that light up or belts that flash. you can glow, if that's your thing.

And then, when I was starting to collapse....it was time to go back to the real world.

And we promised each other we'd make it back, somehow.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop trill you drop production)

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