Friday, 3 July 2015

Goodbye June!

The last day of June and we both wanted to do something......but I felt terrible after an evening on an uncomfortable bar stool had done something unpleasant to my back.....and there wasn't anything to do.
We went to Virginia Water but it was closed.
So we parked next to The Saville Gardens (which I knew would be closed) and we took a walk down to the Obelisk Pond.
The Sun was low and at the end of a really hot day everything was very still.
We walked to one end of the pond and watched the Sun set while quiet bubbles popped in the water.
Except that some of them were flies landing on the surface and some were fish bouncing up to wallow for a moment in the Sun. 
Just occasionally you could catch sight of a fin.
We just stood there fixed, taking it in. The ducks started to come over in the hope that we'd brought them some bread - we hadn't thought there would be any.
It's been an amazing June and a painful one.
I'm not back to any kind of normal and probably never will be but we went to Stonehenge and spent the night there waiting for a stone age dawn to break.
Absolutely amazing.
I'm sad it's over - my favourite month of the year.
Long nights and crisp sunny days.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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