Friday, 10 July 2015

Last episode.

Thursday evening, it's quite hot, my back hurts and I'm stuck in my car for 2 hours driving  all the way to Clapham in south London; we're visiting Robyn's cousin Cassie and her partner for dinner.

I was grumpy but we did have a nice time.

Before we got there, I drove along Clapham High Street and checked out where I first lived when I was a student. Actually, my first real address was in Docklands, living in a squat for about three weeks because I couldn't find anywhere at all.

Then, after a struggle, I found a room above a sweet warehouse, run by relatives of a Tory M.P. It was rat and mouse infested and when I came back after the Easter break I found a someone sleeping in my bed - they had let my room out to someone else without telling me.

It was foul.

So I can't say I have fond memories of the place, except that it only cost £6 a week.

The flat that Cassie rents, much nicer and bigger than my room would cost £800,000 to buy today. It's crazy and what a shame I didn't have the money to buy a house back then!

These are all Robyn's photo's from her mobile.

This is Fergie, a very young kitten, who kept us company for the evening;

And this is the delicious 'Key Lime Pie' that Robyn made for us even though we didn't have any of the equipment you need for this kind of thing.


But I was caught in a strange kind of time warp - I am possibly the last person in the world who hasn't seen 'Breaking Bad'.

It's the acclaimed U.S. drama about a dull and boring chemistry teacher who discovers he has cancer and embarks on a new life cooking crystal meth for a living.

As you'd expect this starts an odyssey through a strange new world of bizarre characters, unfortunate adventures and quite a lot of murder and mayhem too.

I never saw it when it came out because I don't have satellite or cable and never had the appetite to buy some huge box set; my time is really precious.

I have real life stuff to do too.

And then I broke my back and everything slowed down.

So, not only am I the last person to see it, I've been watching it one episode every night on terrestrial TV where it's just been repeated.

As I said, timewarp.

As a result, I've missed a few crucial episodes - we go out. It's like the 1970's.

And that means it's been quite hard to keep up. At the beginning, there was a whole season based on a killing in Mexico that I missed and as a result, I never understood anything that was happening.

But, as they say, I got drawn in. I can only describe it as a soap opera for men.

Except that last night was the very last episode of all.

And it took us a whole two hours to get into town.

We left at 1040 pm to get home for 1110!

After a slow motion car chase, I got home at about 1125 and just caught the end if not the build up to it.

It's strange, forget all the killings, in my experience when people learn they have cancer, most don't choose to bring misery into the lives of others by manufacturing a highly addictive and destructive drug.

I guess different people react differently. I suspect that good people want to do a few more good things, bad people.....well maybe.

Most people just want a nice holiday!

Of course, it's a 'Hollywood cancer' - Walt is unaffected apart from a slight cough.

In reality (and all cancers are different), it's painful and debilitating and life becomes one long battle to cling on to normal life.

There isn't time or energy to get the everyday things done, let alone build up a drugs empire.

But in one aspect it is accurate - Walt says at the end as he tries to justify himself;

"I was alive!"

And that is what it is all about.

And that B£$%&RD stole my hat too!

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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