Thursday, 9 July 2015

Twist my mind; MoCara's first album.

When 'The Hobgoblin' in Staines was still open and was still a really fine music venue, it was always a pleasure to see MoCara play; fusing Reggae, Ska, punk and a few other disparate things together.

Always interesting.

They got in touch with me a month ago - they've got a new album out;

It's called 'Twist my mind' and you can listen to it here on their YouTube channel;

Twist my mind.

I really like 'Beg, Steal and Borrow' which came out first as a single; it's catchy. 'Not a bottle' is just as good and it's funny too.

Here's the band at The Hob;

They are an exciting live band and I'm looking forward to getting my act together to see them in action again.
'Twist my Mind' was released at 'The Fighting Cocks' in Kingston last month but I couldn't make it. It sounds like the track the album is named after ('Twist my mind' educated mess) will be really good live. 
 I need to get out more.
'Not a bottle' and 'Money' have very strong reggae influences while the second side gets more reflective;
'Islands' has a particulary slow, jazzy reggae groove. I think Robyn might go for that.
Keeping music alive, writing new and original material like this, recording and promoting it, that's all such a struggle today that bands like MoCara need to be supported.  
Check it out for yourself.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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