Monday, 27 July 2015

The Ali Maas Band at The Cavern, Raynes Park.

Saturday night and after enjoying 'The Desert Divas' we headed at high speed (my car is really very slow indeed) to south London to catch Ali Maas and her Blues Band.

They are well worth seeing and it was a kind of anniversary for us too - a year ago we saw them at the same place on a hot steamy July night and then I got lost on the way home and we ended up having a chat with some striking Firemen in Wimbledon.

That was a good night in a special summer.

This time round we had the rude landlord of The Cavern, Raynes Park to contend with. He actually came up to us and told us that we had to buy a drink to listen to the music.

I'm not sure who he thought we were but it didn't go down very well and it's very unlikely we'll take the trouble to head out to Raynes Park again.

And we ended up buying the least you can get away with to pay him back in his own coin, as it were.

Now I've calmed down.......Ali Maas is an accomplished Blues singer and her band has just got better and better in the years since we last saw them.

Here's Ali singing 'The Emotional Powder Keg Blues' (It's another Robyn G. May photo;

And this is Alan Glen, who plays a mean guitar as well as an occasional blues harp;

You can also see Pete Miles on drums, Glynn Evens on bass and the spectacular Rob Millis on organ. It really should have been a Hammond; I have no idea what a "NORD C2D" but he certainly made it sound good!

I also enjoyed 'When you're looking for somebody', a fine Peter Green number.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see them you should, maybe not at The Cavern, Raynes Park.

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