Thursday, 3 November 2016

5 Years.

Sombre day today - 5 years ago I went in to West Middlesex Hospital for an unexpected biopsy (no one warned me that was coming!) and came out with cancer and a fairly short prognosis from the Doctor. The official diagnosis would be about three weeks later but that didn't really matter.

No one thought I'd make it to 5 years back then and in fact the conventional treatments actually only lasted for 2 years, which at the time seemed quite a good result.

I was very lucky that Dr Feelgood kept me going long enough for a new chemo drug to be approved for use before starting conventional chemotherapy. I was a one in a million person because it gave me two unexpected years.

Ironically, apart from Dr Feelgood, all the other doctors wanted to fast track me onto chemo back in 2012 and 2013.

If they'd had their way I'd be dead now.

So I suppose I should be grateful but there are times (like now) when I don't particularly feel that way.

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