Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Coming around.

As I've Blogged before; it's been so cold and damp that I lit a fire to dry out the house and I've been burning off some wood I cut up around 6 years ago before I realised I was ill.

It's been a lot of hard work and painful but it's also been nice.

Now, I'm low on wood - mind you I'm keeping some back for Christmas.

So I've been looking around and yesterday I helped myself to some wood that's been lying around nearby. I cut it into lengths I could carry and brought them round to the house to cut up.

And it made a nice fire - although in reality I was only able to cut up enough for about half a day.

Three years ago in April 2013 I bought a digital camera in a charity shop for £11-99 and was ever so keen to try it out.

So when we had a couple of branches fall down from one of the trees outside I took pictures for my Blog;

It was quite serious - people had to walk under the branches for a couple of months - no one wanted to sort it out.

More importantly, the tree took down our phone lines and cut us all off. That really mattered because I was caring for my Mum at the time and we relied on her panic alarm to let me get out of the house occasionally.

It took weeks to get the lines back.

Then in the end it was sorted out leaving this;

Almost immediately someone came and took the big logs, probably for their own fire.

But the branches got left behind.

Now three years later I'm burning off the last of the branches and enjoying occasional wafts of a magical scent of perfumed conifer, like incense floating in the room.

What goes around comes around.

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