Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wraysbury Macmillan Cancer Support Christmas Bazaar.

I don't know, I was doing really well.

Thursday we went shopping or, at least, I pretended to while Robyn did all the work.

Friday was really very good - I went out on my own. I drove to my doctor's to get the prescriptions then back to Tesco's to order the meds. Then spent 20 minutes wandering around the store until they were ready. I was invincible.

Then on Saturday morning when it actually mattered I was in agony!

Never mind, we were doing a sale at the Wraysbury Macmillan Cancer Support Christmas Bazaar, so I had to be there.

I've been going to their events for most of my life but now Robyn is making jewellery it seemed only natural to have a stall ourselves.

It was very Christmassy;

And there was a good crowd having a coffee and a chat.

After we didn't do so well at the Poultry group's sale a couple of months ago, I didn't have very high hopes, but were determined to have a go.

Robyn's been making jewellery for over a year - based on things we collected on our adventures and things that matter to her.

All the jewellery is either reclaimed, recycled or recreated and when I look at it I remember where we were and what we were doing at the time.

It's all very unique; one piece may be based on shells we collected while another was moulded out of a recycled milk carton. Because it's so personal, Robyn started a Blog where she writes the story behind each piece.

You can check out 'The Dangling Journey' here;

This time Robyn made a whole batch of jangly Christmas earrings and they went really well;

In fact she had some good sales and I sold a couple of pots of my marmalade too. We've not made our fortunes and, strangely, no one wanted to buy my collection of historic Shot Glasses.......again but we came out well ahead which was nice.

We also had a nice morning, chatted with a couple of people and the cost of the stall went to a very good cause.

And in the afternoon my hips thawed out a bit and I collected some wood for a fire.

Good day.

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