Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cat Strutting.

It's been a strange morning - I didn't feel great and ended up having a very long lie in in bed. It's not like me and it isn't good. Apart from anything else it allowed me to think about various moments in my life that could have gone better and each of which would have changed the whole direction of my life.......for the better.

Of course I would have to have been a completely different person.

When I eventually did get up I was faced with a surreal situation - Robyn had been going around the house tidying up things.

Meanwhile, at exactly the same time, Sydney the cat was running around the house chasing a mouse, scattering stacks of CD's and overturning tidy piles of stuff in her frantic chase.

It's really, really cold and it isn't just us who are suffering. All my life, the little field mice who lived here before the houses, roads and airports came, used to seek shelter in the houses when it was cold.

Last night was freezing, so it wasn't a real surprise that Sydney found a mouse.

I don't think Sydney caught it but it's learnt it's lesson now and probably moved on. Meanwhile Sydney the cat is doing a bit of 'cat strutting'.

I have been enjoying another guilty pleasure - reading James Agate, a once famous theatre critic and columnist who was writing from the 1920's to the 1950's. His diary is always funny, often quite 'arch' and very much of a different time. He himself was always amusing, always in debt and occasionally in trouble.

I enjoyed this diary entry from Easter Monday 1942, which he headed 'A sad little sum'.

Agate received a letter from his publisher Hutchinson and Co, regarding the firms accounts for Agate's recently published book.

James Agate Esq.
In account for Hutchinson &Co. Ltd.


Statement for 12 months ending Dec 31 1941.

Jan 1   To Stock on Hand              ..        1603
Dec 31 By Stock on Hand            534
Destroyed by Enemy action         1069    1603

                                                     Sales         0

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