Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lost day.

I'm afraid I just lost a day today - too ill to do much in the heat, spending most of the day asleep. I don't think anything is any worse, just a few days of doing too much and not coping with a heat wave.

So I lost a whole day.

It didn't help that tomorrow is the summer solstice, always a big day for me - the longest day.

In 2015 Robyn and me spent the night at Stonehenge to see in the solstice. We'd love to do it again but it's beyond me.

It's also sad that I always tried to get a holiday in June, before the school holidays started and this week is about the last chance to do that.

And, after tomorrow, the nights start drawing in and we haven't really had anything of the spring or summer this year.

So I wasn't just ill, I was a bit miserable too.

Never mind, I'll get over it.

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