Sunday, 25 June 2017

The view from the Sydney nest.

Sydney the cat is back to normal - she hates me again.

Sydney has been ill for the last three or four days, being sick all over the place and not eating.

Robyn made her a new 'Sydney Nest', a pile of Christmas decoration boxes by the window with a blanket on top. That way she was high up and felt secure while she could also look out of the window whenever she wanted to.

She spread herself out and slept with one paw placed over her eyes, like a dissolute party goer in the Jazz Age, after one party too many.

She was so ill she allowed me to come up to her and tickle her neck and her diet was limited to a few treats every day.

Then this morning when the pain got too much for me I came into the front room to sit in my chair........who was on my chair?

A very grumpy Sydney ,who was not at all happy when I took it back from her.

She's eating again and she's really grumpy with me, as usual.

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  1. Yeah, I love it when you tell her to move out of your seat and she growls at you. Hahaha