Wednesday, 21 June 2017

She wants me gone.

I've finally come to the conclusion that Sydney the Cat hates me.

We've been living together since last September and when she arrived she was quite friendly - happy to be stroked when it suited her. Sometimes she would even condescend to be given a treat.

Now, she sometimes comes into the room when Robyn comes in but when Robyn leaves she follows soon after. When I'm alone in the house she never comes in with me. She doesn't want any contact at all.

The only explanation I can come up with is that she knows exactly how ill I am - animals can tell. Strangely, dogs (which are pack animals) are drawn to sick people when you would expect them to be quite ruthless. Instead of wanting to get rid of the slowest member of the pack they are sympathetic.

That's not the case with Sydney - as I got more ill she got more unfriendly.

I've even spent some time learning 'Cat Behaviour', what cats like and what frightens them. I've become an expert in not intimidating a cat with eye contact or misreading the signs the cat is giving out.

The house is full of 'Sydney Nests' - places where she can feel safe. Some of them are high up to give her a sense of security. Some of them are places where she can cower safely under cover.

None of it makes any difference - she just wants me gone.

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  1. No she doesn't, she's just being Sydney. She used to act like that with me at Robyn's house in Philly.