Saturday, 17 June 2017

Not hopeful.

I got up early today - after my second night in bed. It was obviously going to be a boiling hot day when I went out - I was taking my photos to the Craft Show tent at Wraysbury Fair. I always enter photos in the art competition, although this is likely to be my last year.

In fact, it was very hard to get some pictures together - I don't get out so much and when I do I can't stand for long, taking photos. So it's my swansong.

When I got to the village green I took the steps down rather than going the long way round, as I'd promised Robyn. It hurt, which serves me right. I didn't come back that way.

I dropped my pictures off and walked around the green as the stallholders were setting up. I've done plenty of stalls myself, raising money for left wing causes, so it brought back many memories. The sound of boxes being opened and stalls set up. Everyone hopeful about how well they are going to do.

Even though it was only eleven o'clock, the tarmac was melting where cars were turning their wheels.

I was tired when I got back, with time for an hour or so having a rest before we went back out.

I'm not optimistic about my chances.


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