Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Something to fight against.

This is so tedious - stuck in an armchair and trying not to move for fear of screaming in pain.

I need to get my back together again because on Thursday I have to get up to hospital to finally get the result of my scan and find out whether there's anything they can do about it.

That's going to be fun - not least because I also get the result of my blood test and find out how the cancer treatment is going.

I'm under pressure from every side to take more and stronger drugs.....I'm not planning to change that drastically yet. I need to keep a fresh mind for as long as I can there are things I want to do and I need to know what's going on with my back. I don't need to make it any worse than it already is.

Besides, it gives me something to fight against.

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  1. Take it slow and give yourself plenty of time. Good luck.