Monday, 9 June 2014

In their own time.

This ornamental poppy has just flowered and it’s my excuse for not getting my Blog up to date – I’m two days behind already but without broadband it’s like firing up an elderly steam engine. Sometimes, I'm like an elderly steam engine too.
Anyway, who can resist a new flower on a sunny June morning?

Last night I did something in connection with this campaign which could be seen as slightly naughty, so I won’t be writing about that. Then today I have to go up to London for my campaign – nothing wrong with that but I can’t write about it because it’s a secret.

Then on the way back I am hoping to be able to go to The Museum of Water which is not a museum but an artwork.

It involves people like me making contributions and, as I rather like the idea of doing that, I hope to be writing about it when I get back.

The Poppies? I threw down some seed about 20 years ago. They came up once and that was it, even though I made sure the new seed went in after they flowered. They are headstrong things poppies – they come up when they want to or not at all.
In their own time.
Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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