Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Snake Oil.


It was a grey and miserable morning today and it came after a grim few days.

I was off to my appointment with Dr Feelgood of Charing Cross hospital (purveyor of rare herbs and proscribed chemicals), never a happy prospect. Today went OK - I have another month. That's a spring that's turned into a summer, a World cup, a Tour de France and who knows what.

That's some snake oil you got there, Doc.

I saw my Algerian friend in the Pharmacy, worried about the prospect for his team playing a much fancied Belgium this afternoon; I wished him luck. I said I'd support Algeria if England gets knocked out but from the look on his face he didn't think they were going to last any longer than we are.

The picture is from Sid's Shoe Repairs, Key cutters and Trophy shop on the Fulham Palace Road. You normally can't miss the amazing football trophies in his window. Not today - he's sold all his World Cups! This ones from earlier in the year.

I'm glad - when he put Chelsea's colours on the European Champions league cup they went and lost it.

Now there's just space in Sid's Trophy cabinet for a World Cup.....Come on England!

Anyway, I should be doing a serious review of last night at my Jazz Club - but I was a victim of a nasty incident. I was minding my own business watching Alan Barnes in fine form on the Saxophone when I had my hat and my walking stick stolen.

It's not right - I've got a condition.

Another month - how cool is that?
How much trouble can I get into, I wonder?

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