Friday, 13 June 2014

Kool Kat.


I may have given the impression that I am a bit of a Kool Kat, that the number of page views don’t greatly matter to me.

Weeell, I may have, ahem, misled you a little there.

20000 hits is coming soon and it’s a really big deal for me and for this Blog.

There are going to be celebrations.

I intend to annoy that hospital, just a little.

A small quantity of beer tokens may have to change hands.

And I am going to burn my hat – the one I’ve had for five years or more. It’s been to all kinds of places with me. I wore it at ‘work’, I wore it at play.
It's been skankin', I can tell you.



It's part of me that hat, but it’s time for a new beginning.

Also, the Design department of Bollinger, Mulberry, Burberry and Chrystal (my incredibly expensive Advertising Agency) want me to have a makeover - they said something about 'No style' and they sent me the first designs for my new campaign;

  Help me sort out St Peter’s    lIts a Blog...Stupid!

I’ve had the printer run off 10,000 car stickers for me.

Then there’s the poster campaign, TV advertisements, a plane towing a banner, a marching band with majorettes and synchronised swimming.

Money? Who cares.

It’s a wild success.
Well, I’ve got one anyway.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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