Saturday, 14 June 2014

Should I burn the edges?

I am probably my own worst enemy – it’s been said more than once.

I’m entering some photographs in the Arts and Craft competition in my village fair. It’s a traditional English fair with a children’s parade, charity stalls with things to buy and various games to play – as well as competitions (best cake, paintings, photos). A hog roast.

The Art people take it very seriously - high quality prints, arty mounts, exotic locations.

It’s very conservative – people there like nice views, pretty flowers that kind of thing. The stupid thing is that I do take those kind of pictures.

But I’m entering a couple of Punk pictures from The Hobgoblin – people I like and I’ve tried to capture what they are about.

Of course I’m not one to do the obvious thing and mount them on art card mounts. Mine are on cardboard from a torn Carlsberg box. I’ll be using gaffer tape to hold them up on the wall. I’m still thinking about burning the cardboard a bit.

Hey, it’s art!

I know, I know – I’m never going to win, I'm just going to alienate people but you gotta try, you know?

So, today is the day of the big competition and at 11 00 am I’m hanging my pictures. Big excitement until I get the results.

Forget the world cup, this is the real thing.

Of course, I would still rather be in Rio.

Neil Harris
(A don't stop till you drop production)

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