Friday, 5 September 2014

Dancing at Midnight - 'Lets be Cops'.

On Tuesday, me and Robyn went to see 'Let's be Cops' at Cineworld Feltham's cheap night Tuesday.

When I got home I read a really bad review in The Guardian, which slated the film as being reactionary. I don't get it.

Two slackers reach middle age having made a complete mess of their lives. (That doesn't happen, surely?!).

They go to a party dressed as cops and suddenly find that people (women) look on them with a new respect. So they do it again......and again. Then they buy a cop car on e-bay - who wouldn't?

It's a funny film - a long film that goes by in a flash.

I laughed a lot.

The Guardian? Silly review. The film goes a long way to avoid stereotypes; the black slacker isn't a slacker at all, he designs video games but his boss doesn't listen to him.

The white slacker? he's an idiot.

It's a racially mixed film (so was the audience), it's good fun and the good guys eventually win against some really, really bad guys.

Who doesn't like a happy ending?

Along the way, the film makes fun of the abuses American cops are notorious for but in a gentle kinda of way.

Good movie.

And at midnight, in a nearly deserted car park, me and Robyn turned on her smart phone and we danced to some R 'n B.

So somewhere, in Mumbai or wherever it is where they watch the security CCTV, there will be a puzzled operator trying to work out why two people are dancing in the middle of the night, in Feltham.

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  1. Dancing for an audience of teenagers who probably think we're nuts, but who cares?!