Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival part 2.

As dusk fell over Imperial Wharf, YolanDa Brown started to play and a whole new crowd came in. She's a multi MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) award winner;

With an array of Saxophones and a radio mike, Yolanda filled the Wharf with her sound and a couple of times came out into the crowd as she played too.

Exciting stuff; if perhaps just a bit too smooth for me. The crowd loved her. And I mean they loved her. 
There'd been plenty of dancing during the day;

But by nightfall it was time for some real dancing.

It was time for Salsa;

I definitely couldn't get them all in, there really are twenty of them; the famed Roberto Plas and his twenty piece orchestra. 

This is the maestro himself on drums;

Leading his orchestra and singers from the front, it's very Latin;

Every so often he would be shouting, cajoling, pointing or poking with a drumstick;

Amazing sounds, absolutely amazing rhythms, did I mention there was dancing!

And suddenly it was all over. the end of a fabulous day.

Thank you Sharon for being there, for Manju and Girdeep and for all the boiled eggs and tuna salad sandwiches too!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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And then I had this picture which I wasn't going to use because it didn't come out good (on my old pawn shop camera) but then I decided to use it any way.

It's YolanDa Brown's backing singers;

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