Friday, 12 September 2014


No pictures today and not a particularly happy Blog either.
It’s been quite a rough moot a particularly happy Blog either. it'nth – I’ve had a really serious problem that (for the moment) I can’t write about for legal reasons. I'm in another fight!

I’ve been ill.
I had my appointment of doom with Oncology which went OK but perhaps not as OK as I would have liked.

My girlfriend has been harassed and eventually forced out of her flat by her horrible landlady. She’s been there a year so apart from being made homeless (as of today) it’s a big wrench to lose your home.

Perhaps least important, perhaps really important; the Punk Horses have gone.

I discovered it about a fortnight ago but with so many other things going on I didn’t write about it.

Summer 2013 I was dying, fast.

I also had real, difficult problems looking after my Mum who was very ill.
In between all of that I came across a herd of semi-wild horses and befriended them. At first they were wild and dangerous (I rather liked that) then we got to know each other. I had no experience of horses – which may have helped; I wasn’t trying to dominate them.

They made all the difference to me in a really bad summer.
And so I stuck around a bit longer until at the very last moment, the last possible medication actually worked. The only one that ever did.

Now they’ve all gone and it's very quiet.
It sort of happened last September too – all the parents suddenly disappeared. And if I’m honest, after that break, I never had quite the same relationship with the next generation again.

This time?

It looks permanent. Planning permission has been applied for to build a solar farm on the fields. I imagine it went through – it’s ‘waste’ land after all.
And I don’t feel like starting again, making a new bond.

Besides, there won’t be time anyway.

So that’s a very sad end to a big, big chapter in my life and very sad not to be able to say goodbye.

And......there’s such a lot of carrots lying around in the fridge.

A much happier Blog tomorrow.

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